I published a letter to the Herald Journal on Tuesday. I’m proud of the work I and so many others have done to improve downtown Logan.

To the editor:

I have a long record of community and public service and am happy to stand on my record. Since 1991, when I joined with other volunteers as a Founding Trustee to restore the Eccles Theatre, I’ve worked to improve downtown and our city. As mayor I would do the same. I choose to run a positive campaign and will continue to be completely transparent.

My Disclosure Statement, on file with the city since I was elected, states I am a minor stockholder in Cache Valley Bank. I’m very proud of the bank’s historic renovations, which have contributed both beauty and jobs to downtown. Private business development, investment and expansion are exactly what Logan needs. As a council member, I have recused myself if there was even a hint the decision could affect the bank.

I have an open mind about the future of Main Street. I do advocate moving forward with Phase 2 of the couplet study to examine Main and 100 West. The study would gather data, evaluate options and provide for public input and dialogue. All are critical steps to explore alternatives before any recommendation is made. UDOT owns and controls Main Street. The final decision would be made by UDOT’s seven member Transportation Commission which is appointed by the governor.

Transportation and downtown revitalization are just two of the many issues I am prepared to address with my experience of the past eight years. Let us keep the discussion focused on issues and solutions.

Holly Hubbard Daines


Reprinted from the Herald Journal

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