To the editor:

I’m really impressed with Holly Daines, mayorial candidate.

I’ve attended City Council meetings since October 2016 and like the way she gathers information, shares that information, seeks public input, and keeps options open.

Attending City Council meetings have shown me how city decisions really are team efforts, not just the mayor’s decisions. Holly respects the opinions of citizens and really listens to their concerns.

She took some flack at the Herald Journal/NPR sponsored “Meet the Candidates’ event on Aug. 3rd for seeming to be indecisive, however, she explained the mayor collaborates with citizens, dept. heads, and City Council. She knew the city traffic projects already planned. She fielded a tough question about whether the city could buy property from city employees. She’d consulted with city attorney and found what the city code said. She guards herself against any hint of conflict of interest.

As Logan City Council chair, she initiated joint meetings between the City Council and the planning commission and assigned a City Council member to attend PC meetings as a liaison. This is the kind of teamwork Holly believes in.

I like the way Holly checks with Logan’s Municipal Code to be sure that city actions follow the law.

In my opinion Holly is fair and transparent. I believe she’d make a great mayor.

Bronwyn O’Hara


Reprinted from the Herald Journal


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