Serving on the Logan City Council has given me insight and experience into how effective partnerships, our highly educated workforce, and our natural amenities can bring new high tech jobs to Logan.

A good example is the recent announcement that Electric Power Systems, a battery technology company, is bringing their headquarters to Logan, which will include 120-150 new jobs over the next few years. This exciting development didn’t just “happen.” It took the hard work of the City, Chamber, and University staff, along with state development programs, and personal outreach to bring this California company to Logan (rather than Arizona). I sit on the city’s Economic Development Committee, working with our staff, and know how hard they worked to make this happen.

But it’s not just about the numbers — there are people and families behind these businesses, who are potentially investing their lives in Logan. I hosted some of the executives and their family at my house for dinner. We had the opportunity to answer a lot of questions about what makes Logan a great place to live — schools, recreation and arts opportunities in our community. One of the partners was particularly interested in our outdoor trails and we talked about my role in expanding trails and parks and establishing a county trails coordinator, along with the great plans that are being developed.

Being an effective leader means using both your professional skills and personal touch to roll up our sleeves and get things done. I believe that the little details matter and I will bring hard work, experience and a love of our community to the Mayor’s office to continue to make Logan a great place to live and work.

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