To the editor:

In a time when political dialogue is often vituperative or vindictive it is refreshing to observe the local campaigns for public office. I have been impressed with the candidates’ efforts to describe their own qualifications while avoiding personal invective. All appear to be motivated by honorable intentions.

We are fortunate to have a mayoral candidate that is extremely well qualified and who has a vision for Logan’s future. I have known Holly Daines for 25 years and have worked with her in several civic capacities. Her professional training and past service have uniquely prepared her to be the mayor of Logan City. Holly works well with people. She listens carefully to others. She studies all options. She is informed. She makes good decisions. She has no hidden agenda. She is open. She is truthful. And, she has made herself available to the citizens of Logan City. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity and elect Holly Daines Logan City mayor.

Bruce M. Cook

Logan, Utah

Reprinted from the Herald Journal

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