Reprinted from a letter to the editor in the July 6th Herald Journal:

To the editor,

My name is Richard Steele and I am writing this letter in support of the candidacy of Holly Daines for Mayor of Logan.

For 3½ years I was a member of the Logan City Neighborhood Council for the Wilson School district and have had many opportunities to observe Holly in action. She regularly attends neighborhood meetings in an effort to hear firsthand the concerns and ideas of Logan residents. I have found her to be generous with her time as she listens to, and answering questions raised by Logan’s residents.

Holly is a strong advocate for city park development and for the completion of the Logan city walking and biking trail system. She has fought for and obtained funding for much needed sidewalk improvements in many of Logan’s older neighborhoods and is deeply engaged in finding a solution to Logan’s many traffic problems.

I know Holly Daines to be a well respected woman of drive, determination, commitment, and leadership. I know that she takes her elected duties seriously and is commuted to working on issues she feels will benefit the citizens of Logan. I believe that she has had a very positive impact on Logan’s future during her terms as a member of our City Council. I know of no one who would be a stronger advocate for the citizens of Logan than Holly Daines.

Richard Steele


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